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Leaning In, Loving People and Letting God Show Off

"If you lean in, God really will totally do his thing and show often in ways you can never imagine. But I don't think we really let Him do that very often because it, it takes some obvious surrender and lack of control."

- Rebecca Vahle, Founder and Executive Director Family to Family Support

Network, Episode 12

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Rebecca Vahle is my treasured guest on today's episode. My friend and mentor, Rebecca has been my number one go to person for advice in motherhood. She has pointed me to incredible resources and walked with our family during some challenging times. It's wild to think that we met because of a call for hospital education and reform around adoption that God placed on her heart!

We dig into that journey for Rebecca from her personal experiences with adoption in the hospital to finding herself as a national leader for changing how hospitals care for unique populations. This episode holds laughter and no surprise to you, my tears too.

Rebecca Vahle, MA, founded the Family to Family Support Network (FFSN) as a pro-education non-profit organization in 2015. Currently holding the title of Executive Director, Rebecca and her team have been training healthcare professionals in Unique Family Care for 18 years. Her work training healthcare professionals began as Adoption Liaison - a newly created position to better serve unique families- at Parker Adventist Hospital in Colorado. Rebecca created the first hospital -based adoption support program in the country and has defined adoption-sensitive care for infant adoption situations in hospitals across the United States. She currently serves on teh Advisory Council for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute that educates the Adoption Caucus on Capitol Hill. Rebecca is well qualified to speak about the specific needs of unique families.

Resources and connection:

Family to family support network, Coming Together for Families Campaign and all 15 interviews completed so far at

Instragram at f2fsupport.

8000 Promises Episodes Referenced: 2,4,5, 9, 10, 11

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May great things happen for you today.

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