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Born to Be Queen: Part II - Born to Be Queen

Listen to this read aloud on the 8000 Promises Podcast: HERE.

Hello and welcome to the final ignite insight episode for series 5 on Forgiveness. Ignite insight episodes are an invitation to writers, speakers, podcasters, and human life livers, to write a response to the series topic, which right now is forgiveness. 

 I know you are so busy in this wild life you're living.  And I know that simply listening to each of these episodes is a huge gift of your time, but would you think about also sharing this episode or any of the episodes that you've loved so far on forgiveness with one other person? Every time the episode is shared or starred or reviewed, it really helps get the message to more people. 

And I really believe that this series on forgiveness can be really helpful for some people. It's been really helpful for me. I hope it's been helpful for you. 

Today, I’ll be bringing you part two of my therapeutic story Born to Be Queen. A therapeutic story is a story designed to let the listener process and integrate healing truths that are relatable to one’s own story. If you haven’t heard part one of this story, please stop and first listen to or read part one: The Lost Crown.

I first learned about the art of therapeutic storytelling from my sister-in-law Brit. When she encouraged me to check out Susan Perrow's work. Storytelling is a powerful tool for change. I'm certain, that is why it was Jesus's main mode of teaching. I discovered that I held a hope to write a story that could potentially help others recovering from early life adversity.

Jesus used parables to help his listeners understand heavenly truths from an earthly perspective. And in this storytelling, I'd like to share with you a story that has healing truths about childhood trauma, recovery and empowered living. This story is going to be told in three parts. Part one was published on January 22 . Part two today. And part three will be published sometime in series six. 

May this story move you to healing and to the connection that you need. A journey of forgiveness so often includes the forgiveness of oneself. Thanks for being here. 

If you are back, ready for part two, perhaps you’ll remember that our darling girl was born into a grieving kingdom and drawn into the desert by an older child and the desert was a place in which she experienced great harm. The girl returned to the kingdom physically with the help of an armadillo, but the messaging she received from that armadillo was that she essentially no longer deserved to wear her crown because of her painful journey in the desert. In her heartache, the girl handed over her crown and turned to a peddler who pushed promises of potions that would make her forget the hardest parts. Part II begins with the last section read in part one. 

Part II: Born to be Queen

As girls will tend to do, she one day awoke a woman. The potions and promises of the peddler continued to drive her from day to day. She found work she deemed worthy, and a man who had also walked in the desert to partner with her in life. Though it scared her deeply, the girl developed a longing to be a mother. On the day the child joined the family, the girl remembered the garden of her youth. She saw the innocence of her small daughter and she longed for her to wear the crown that had once sparkled so brightly from her own brow. She wondered, could she dare return to the desert to reclaim the crown that was once hers? Alas, the fear of the desert haunted her, so she asked the peddler if he had a potion that could help protect her child from the dangers that lurked there.

The peddler handed her a magical map. 

“Follow these steps, he said. “Do all this map says and you will steer clear of the desert.” 

And so the young mother held the map close to her heart and followed it diligently. For all the questions, the problems, the struggles: she consulted the map. The map gave her a sense of control and a pretense of peace that she could protect and defend her child from any encounters with the desert. The map comforted the woman and she placed her trust in its promise of safety. 

When it was time for the woman’s daughter to begin her kingdom training, the mother used the map to determine the location furthest from the desert to have her child attend. The mother was assured, her child was safe. One day, there was a call. The mother’s greatest fear found its way into her life. Her child had been dragged into the desert. The mother rushed to find the child, and brought her home. The pain of the discovery overwhelmed the woman, her heart shattered and she ran. She ran and ran without looking, she ran holding onto her hopeless heart. And she came to a gate that was open and she saw some thorns upon the edge of a field. That is where I belong, she thought. She threw herself into the thorns. They cut into her flesh and she cried out but did not move. This is all I deserve. She wept bitter tears and cursed the map and the potions and the promises that all failed. And as her body heaved, she felt a tender touch on her arm.

“Fear not.” came the gentle voice. And the woman looked up. There was the gardener from her youth. “I am here with you.” She wept harder still. “Leave me be. This is where I belong. These thorns that dig into my skin, this blood that falls to the ground, this is my place forever more. I don’t deserve to live. I don’t deserve my life. It is all my fault. Leave me be.” 

The gardener looked gently at the woman, extending his calloused hand. Well, that may be how you feel, but would you let me show you something. Would you give me a chance to show you what is on the other side of these thorns?” Cautious and disbelieving, the woman sighed and took the gardner’s hand. She pulled herself to standing. She wiped the blood from her skin, and the tears from her eyes. She held the gardener’s hand as they walked around the bed of thorns she’d thrown herself in. On the other side, in full bloom, the woman saw beauty. The thorns were attached to roses. Roses of every color. Roses in bloom and beauty. She looked at the gardener and she understood.

She realized renewed hope was seeping into her spirit. She could return to her child and her life. Nothing was damaged beyond repair. The thorns would not be the end of her story. And the gardener walked alongside the woman providing breath and steps for the woman to match. The chaos calmed, she was able to look around the garden she had once loved so well. And as she looked she noticed a golden glimmer. She stopped. She pointed. She trembled, “What is that?” 

And the gardener with a knowing twinkle in his eye smiled his smile of profound and understanding love. “Why it’s your crown my child. I have had it since the day Armadillo brought you home from your terrible experience in the desert. I have polished it every day, hoping for your return and readiness to reclaim your rightful position. You may not feel ready yet, but I hope you’ll come back here every day. I’d love to  teach you about tending roses. Would you let me show you how to cultivate life and love. I’ve been waiting for you to accept my invitation. To let me walk with you and hold your hand and be the place you let the desert memories fade. Precious daughter, come and learn the truth: You were born to be Queen.” 

And the woman looked in the eyes of the gardener. She realized that he had been there waiting for her, that he knew and had always known about the desert. She realized that even in all of his knowing that he loved her and wanted her home. This gardener saw her as a queen even when she could not see herself that way yet. In his eyes, there was only kindness. There was patience and hope. And so, not quite ready to wear her crown, the woman nodded.

 “I’ll come every day.” she said and she meant it.

To be continued…

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