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Starter Kit: featuring Bryan Post

Bryan Post Starter Kit

When you join my list of committed and passionate people from across the globe, you'll receive this amazing Starter Kit featuring my friend, World-Renowned Child Behavior Expert, Bryan Post.

Subscribe to get: 

  • Our one-hour, jam-packed podcast episode

  • A ready-to-use printable version of the 3 Up, 3 Down Strategy (as mentioned by Bryan)

  • AND an eBook version of the interview

All of this–a $99 value–is yours for FREE when you sign up for my monthly newsletter today!

Create Your Own Rule of Life

Rule of Life PDF.png

A Rule of Life is a set of guidelines to help you walk intentionally with God.

Use this beautiful step by step guide to help you create your personalzied

Rule of LIfe!

What you'll get: A printable PDF with directions and examples for a 3 month Rule of Life


The link to all of my 2023 essays found in the Treasure Trove!


Increased intention and consciousness for your walk with God this Fall

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