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HAPPY NEW YEAR + Reflections on 2022

Do you know what I did yesterday? I stayed in my pajamas all the live long day.

It was awesome.

I didn't get this post written or finish my newsletter.

I did work on our 2023 calendar, sit and reflect some with my family, spend time in worship and gratitude for the year 2022 was, and take a two hour nap.

I also walked around our "block" 1.25 times with the dogs and my family in my pajamas. You're welcome neighbors!

Happy New Year! I hope your day yesterday was exactly what you needed it to be. Whether that included actual clothes or pajamas!

I have a few hopes for 2023. Among them are to actually finish writing the manuscript for my book and to continue making the 8000 Promises Podcast. It's a hope, not a goal - on purpose. I like hope. It's really great when life pans out to allow the hope to come to fruition. It's also okay if life turns in ways unexpected and the hope takes longer or changes.

My word for 2023... CONNECT - I've decided on the verb. Actionable. This is the second year I've had an actual word. I guess my 40s are opening my ears to hear God's words for me. Also, one of those things that is okay if it changes. Maybe it's a word for January or for winter. Who knows? I'm currently looking for and thinking about writing prayers of connection. Please share if you have any you love!

My theme verse for 2023...

What is a theme verse you ask? I don't actually know, but I read this verse late in December and I can't stop thinking about it. So yesterday I made up the idea to have a theme verse this year, though I'm certain the idea isn't novel. I am loving the concept of stirring up love and good works - like a love-filled stirring up of trouble. I'm pretty sure every single time Jesus stirred up trouble the heart behind those choices held love and good-works.

I think my verse for 2022 was that Jesus is the Yes to God's promises. So...

Yes! I'm in Jesus. Show me what stirring up love and good works means this year!

So, I'd love to hear from you! What are your words? What theme verses are latching onto your heart? Let me know in the comments section.

If you're interested in some of my social media and podcasting reflections for 2022 you can check them out below...

Instagram and Facebook Reel that highlights moments with my people.

Click HERE to see it on Insta.

Click HERE to see it on FB.

A reel on Instagram and Facebook highlighting beautiful views from 2022.

Click HERE to watch on Insta

Click HERE to watch on FB

And finally, a compilation of all the Promises discussed in Season 1 of 8000 Promises Podcast! Season two, episode one airs on January 23 - just one week before I turn 42!!! Send those birthday wishes any time this month :)! Stir up the love!!!

Click HERE to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Click HERE to listen on Spotify.

Do you still need to sign up for my free monthly newsletter? Sign up here!

Thanks for being here! May awesome things happen for you today!

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