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8000 Promises: Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior

It's one week until my podcast launch. Wow! I can hardly believe that I am learning how to put this thing together. The anchor app that gets advertised by so many people truly does make the podcast opportunity pretty realistic.

Next Saturday: my friend Cassandra L. Lee sits alongside me and interviews me. One of my mentors - Bryan Post (though we've met in person once, he truly mentors me through his writing and speaking) says that before we should ask another person to try something we should always try it ourselves first. I've lived by that suggestion as much as I can since I heard him offer it in one of his virtual parenting courses. Seriously check him out, he's all about choosing love!

Cassie and I met in a Bible study about a year ago. She's jumped in as my editor and friend this year. She is a writer, editor and author coach who loves tea and puppies in equal measure. When not enjoying the outdoors with her adopted son and husband, Cassandra spends her days at the computer writing romance and mystery novels. You can connect with her at

Our interview talks about many of the opportunities I'm saying yes to in order to embrace the promises God has for my life. It also highlights the intended audience: adults who are healing from early life trauma, doing the hard work of healing so that they can live their best lives every day.

Of course, that is in no way the ONLY audience. I believe that so many people can benefit from stories that highlight redemption, recovery and healing. Cassie even shares that although her ACE scores differ from mine, my story and healing journey resonates so much for her through her own challenges with depression. We can learn a lot from each other just by listening to each other's stories.

A special feature I'm excited to share as well is that my dad will be the guitar artist performing the music behind my narration on this podcast! The first song he sent to me is a remix of an old hymn called Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior. When I read the lyrics, I cried. It's as if God knew to place that song on my dad's heart the years ago when he recorded it. It's so perfect for this podcast. I'm so excited to honor one of my favorite memories from childhood as this podcast will try to encourage the integration of the hardest parts of our stories so that we can honor the wonderful parts too. Integration helps us see the beautiful layers of life, the complexity. It's not all good. It's not all bad. With Jesus' help, we will wrap ourselves in the beauty to help us recover from the pain. Here are the lyrics to that hymn. You can listen to the recording on my main web page.

Pass me not, O gentle Savior,

Hear my humble cry;

While on others Thou art calling,

Do not pass me by.

Savior, Savior,

Hear my humble cry;

While on others Thou art calling,

Do not pass me by.

Let me at Thy throne of mercy

Find a sweet relief;

Kneeling there in deep contrition,

Help my unbelief.

Trusting only in Thy merit,

Would I seek Thy face;

Heal my wounded, broken spirit,

Save me by Thy grace.

Thou the spring of all my comfort,

More than life to me;

Whom have I on earth beside Thee?

Whom in heaven but Thee?

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