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Author, Speaker, Coach

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Healed pasts, sanctified lives, empowered parenting

Adi Tilford is an adoptive mom, educator, writer and speaker who is learning to love herself and embrace her story in this second quarter of life. Saying Yes to a new adventure in ministry, Adi is writing and speaking about learning to trust the therapeutic love of Jesus. This includes her commitment to prayer, play and self-care as a therapeutic parent and educator, as well as her journey of healing from early life trauma.


Most of the year, Adi prays and plays in the desert of Colorado where the cactus bloom and coyotes caper in the front yard. Adi is discovering that the more she trusts the story that’s being written, the more she can say Yes to God’s promises.


Adi is a longtime educator who specializes in coaching professional development around trauma informed practices

Sharing the therapeutic love of Jesus...

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