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You are Not as Bad as You Think Because God is Better than You know with Nancy Neufeld

Episode 25 (Monday, July 31) is a conversation with my dear friend Nancy Neufeld, creator of MyUnphotoShoppedLife, Teacher and Christian Influencer. Nancy and I met during the Lysa Terkerst Book Proposal Bootcamp and have spent the last two years in early morning zoom calls helping each other grow as writers and humans.

This podcast took over a year to get it all together! And wow, am I so thankful we finally made it. When I began my editing process, (I print out the transcript and look for cuts and quotes), I found myself underlining section after section. I had tears well up. And even though we recorded a few months ago, I knew that this conversation was the one I wanted to end this season on relationship with. Nancy is a newbie to the writing and speaking scene just like I am, and she is also one of my favorite story tellers.

I hope you'll enjoy this episode as much as I did. Listen to it once and then listen again - you may just hear what you've needed all week long! Then share it with a friend.

May it reach the ears that need to hear it.

May women who wonder of their worth finally hear they are better than they know.

You are wanted here.

~ Adi Tilford, 8000 Promises Podcast

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Nancy is a momma of one, stepmomma of 3, an ESL teacher, as well as the voice of the One Minute Bible Study and the Five Minute Bible Study. She is also the creator of My Unphotoshopped Life on Instagram and TikTok, where she tries desperately to share her struggles with God and everyday life. In a world of perfect photoshopped pictures and perfect photoshopped lives, Nancy's aim is to try to live unphotoshopped - flaws, freakouts, meltdowns and all. After living a life believing she needed to photoshop herself to be lovable, and after following a God she had photoshopped to have limited mercy, grace and love for her, Nancy is passionate to share what she has found: a God who doesn't need photoshopping because He is way better than we ever thought. And this unphotoshopped God welcomes unphotoshopped people with open arms.

I’d love to know the treasures you found as you listened today. Share your insights on the spotify Q & A.

You can connect with Nancy on instagram at and on Tiktok at and on her website Find those links in the show notes!

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Nancy as much as I did.

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Thanks for being here and may great things happen for you today.

Other Resources Mentioned:

Thanks for being here.

May great things happen for you today.

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