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Three Listens You Don't Want to Miss

When we share our stories, it multiplies the AWE of the reality of God is doing in the world. ~ Adi Tilford, 8000 Promises Podcast

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Episode 18: Saying Yes! to Relationship that Invites You to Step into Wholeness with Mariah Martin, Pastor and Podcaster

(Click photo to head right to the episode for listening fun!)

My guest on Episode 18 is the bad and the beautiful Mariah Martin. Mariah is a pastor at Faith Mennonite Church and the host of the Called to be Bad Podcast. Called to be Bad is a podcast where guests reveal a "bad" topic they are passionate about (by "bad" we mean strange, taboo, something that goes against the status quo of what it means to be faithful). She loves animals, coffee, and books--especially books about vampires. Mariah lives with her spouse Nick Bouwman in Goshen, Indiana with their two bunnies and seven chickens

In this episode, Mariah and I talk bougie pets, creating safety to discuss mental health in the church,Christianity and critical thinking, how her podcasting journey is tackling the qualifiers of good to bad found so frequently in church culture, and relationship with a diverse and beautiful God. I am so inspired and hopeful for the church when I get the chance to talk with thoughtful and innovative leaders and creators like Mariah. Enjoy this conversation with Mariah Martin.

Episode 19: Saying Yes! to the promise for Atonement with Spencer Owen, Counselor and Theologian

(Click photo to head right to the episode for listening fun!)

This episode was a special edition for Holy Week. Spencer Owen is my new friend and he is passionate about mental health and pursuing theological truth and understanding.

Spencer was born and raised in central Illinois and went to college at Huntington University near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. While there, he discovered his passion for helping people heal from their psychological hurts; after he graduated he went to University of Colorado in Colorado Springs for his Master's degree in counseling and human development. He started out as a school counselor, working first with elementary-age students and then later with middle-school ages. During the latter half of that time, he was working after hours as a counselor to gain his licensure status. When he achieved that, he left the education system and started working in a group counseling practice specializing in adolescents and couples. Last June, he opened up his own solo private practice -- Renewed Life Counseling -- and has since gained additional certification in working with trauma. Now, he operates his private practice in Colorado Springs, specializing in using innovative and integrative counseling techniques to help people heal from trauma of all kinds but particularly in the areas of spiritual trauma and religious abuse.

Content warning: Topics of spiritual trauma, religious abuse and reference to recovery from the impact of childhood sexual abuse.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Spencer Owen as much as I did!

Episode 20: Saying Yes! to Relationship in the Healing Journey with Courtney Carlson, Emotional Healing Advocate and Coach

(Click photo to head right to the episode for listening fun!)

Episode 20 is another invitation to hear an incredible story of transformation because of relationship with Jesus, AND also an opportunity to learn about what a great resource Courtney is as coach and teacher.

Courtney Carlson is a single mother of three lovely children. Courtney’s healing journey began 7 years ago when the Lord radically saved her. Since then, God continues to reveal Himself to Courtney which has led her to experience radical freedom, heart healing from past pain and a clearer understanding of her identity in Christ. Courtney is passionate about sharing her healing and transformational journey with women, believing fully that we are all called to be and live set free.

Content warning: Messages about identity that form from childhood abuse.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Courtney Carlson as much as I did.

May great things happen for you today.

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