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Saying Yes! to the Adventure of Relationship with Tom and Shelly Hansen and Sam Tilford

The person you marry or choose to spend life with will continue to grow and change. You’ll never be in a relationship too long to say “let me get to know you better."

- Adi Tilford, Most Important Points from S2 E15

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In this episode of 8000 Promises, three guests who have played a role in developing my understanding of God’s promise to be in relationship with me unconditionally come on to discuss learning about, leaning into and embracing God’s promise for relationship.

My husband Sam is a commercial construction contractor and a committed husband and father. He has been my number one partner in my own healing journey and after 16 years of marriage we are still figuring out how to make this marriage relationship all it can be while we still enjoy each other right now in the present.

My other guests are Tom and Shelly Hansen. Shelly has taught math at Colorado Mesa University since 2006 and Tom has been the pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Grand Junction since 2005. Tom and Shelly have 4 adult children who are married, a granddaughter, and another on the way soon. They have also been foster parents to two sets of siblings in the past and currently provide respite care. They love the mountains of Colorado and spending time with their family.

Our conversations covers tips on building healthy relationships, lessons learned through relationship and the EHS course our church offers and growing together in relationship. A new feature this season is a list of most important points at the end - pick your favorite to apply this month and let me know how it’s going!

Though we don’t get into too great of detail around any person’s particular story, I do want to provide a content warning that we discuss childhood trauma and ACEs. Please take care of yourself. You can connect with Tom and Shelly through the First Presbyterian church in Grand Junction at

You can find me on Instagram at AdiTilfordWrites, Facebook at AdiTilford-Author and at my website You can now subscribe to my monthly newsletter for the blog, the pod and fun tips for saying Yes to God’s promises for your life. You even get a free downloadable printable that I made for Bryan Post’s 3 up 3 down strategy found in episode 11.

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Resources Mentioned throughout Episode 15

May great things happen for you today.

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