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Saying Yes! to Proxy Power and Preserving Dignity with Mona Highline

"I think we just get so inundated with the how-tos and the how don'ts that we forget the simplicity of the gospel. The simplicity of the call. The simplicity of what it's like to just love somebody. Whether you agree with their lifestyle or not, whether you agree with their beliefs or not, whether they're a Republican or a Democrat, it doesn't matter. I'm gonna love you anyway." ~ Mona Highline

Episode 23 (Monday, June 26) is a conversation with Mona Highline, the CEO and found of The Joseph Center and Nexstar's 2023 Incredible Woman of the Year.

What a privilege is was to get to learn more of Mona Highline's story and her truly incredible heart for serving ALL of God’s people well. Her passion for proxy - standing in with hope and faith for those whose struggles make hope and faith hard to grasp AND her commitment to preserving dignity for anyone facing some of the hardest challenges in life is evident in every story, every scripture and every action Mona takes.

I hope you'll give it a listen.

May it reach the ears that need to hear it.

May proxy partners be discovered and the desire to help ALL people maintain their dignity be revived.

You are wanted here.

~ Adi Tilford, 8000 Promises Podcast

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Episode 23: Saying Yes! to Proxy Power and Preserving Dignity

(Click photo to head right to the episode for listening fun!)

Mona is a well known woman in my local community, and a woman whose wisdom deserves to be shared beyond our small city walls.

Though Mona spent several years in the women’s ministry speaking circuit, her current priorities hone in on specific needs found in the heart of our community. Eight years ago, Mona founded the Joseph Center, an organization aimed at helping the unhoused, especially at-risk youth and elderly populations. Highline’s work helps people navigate the legal system with regard to child affairs, offers a day shelter for families to eat and shower and provides extra clothing among other services.

Earlier this year, Mona was chosen as Nexstar’s 2023 Remarkable Woman of the Year out of thousands of nominees across the country. And within the last month, Mona said yes to a new adventure - voted in as an interim member of the Public Health Board.

You can connect with Mona or the Joseph center through the website You can call the facility at (970) 245-4672. And you can visit, the team loves people to come in and give them tours and we are located at 25 11 Belford Avenue, suite B.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Mona much as I did.

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Other Resources Mentioned:

Daily Sentinel Articles

Video: KTLA 5, Mona Receiving Award

Thanks for being here and may great things happen for you today.

May great things happen for you today.

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