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Saying Yes! to Opening Up about Pornography Addiction and Recovery

We start to shatter shame by making sure we talk about things that keep us trapped in shame so that we can break those barriers down and see each other for the beautiful human beings that we are, even with our struggles and challenges.

The conversation with Gerald and Tabby Zgabay in episode 21 (Monday, May 22) covers a tough but highly relevant topic.

It is such an important conversation about dependency on, addiction and recovery from addiction to internet pornography.

It's also a conversation about faith, God and redemption.

I hope you'll give it a listen.

May it reach the ears that need to hear it.

May shame be shattered and lives be redeemed.

You are wanted here.

~ Adi Tilford, 8000 Promises Podcast

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Episode 21: Saying Yes! to Opening Up with Gerald and Tabby Zgabay

(Click photo to head right to the episode for listening fun!)

Gerald and Tabby Zgabay (pronounced sky-bye) have been married for 20 years and reside in Texas. They have 2 children Zaden (11) and Zenli (7) through adoption. Gerald is a banker but also a published author and has written two books about his faith walk and how God has met him in the darkest of places, addiction. Sobering Faith and Opening Up are available for purchase on Amazon. Tabby is a professional photographer, homeschool mom and a woman of immense joy!

Content warning: Pornography dependence, addiction and recovery and how it potentially can impact people with trauma histories that include sexual abuse or assault.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Gerald and Tabby as much as I did.


Ways to get ahold Geral and Tabby Zgabay:

Pornography Recovery on-line Support Resources:

Gerald’s Books:

Books / Study Guides

Thanks for being here and may great things happen for you today.

May great things happen for you today.

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