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Miracle Maker

I have no idea why God answers some prayers in an obvious and well recieved way and why God answers some prayers with a big fat NO or why God seems to not answer some prayers at all. That's a question for heaven. I do know that when we get obvious answers it's only fun to share the story. Here are a few for you.

Yesterday, my surrender to Jesus novena message said that the miracles we see in this life are often in proportion to our willingness to surrender.

In December, I applied to get trained as a TBRI practitioner. I received a big fat NO. When I sat in that disappointment, I was able to trust that the no was for my own good. I could see that the timing might not be so great with the move on our horizon. Okay God. You answered my prayer - just not how I wanted. Probably how I needed.

Also in December, I asked Jesus for this crazy ridiculous thing. We had been told that the delivery of 38 windows expected to arrive would actually only be 5 windows arriving. I prayed that morning. In jest I told Sam about that prayer - wouldn't that be funny I said.

Please God. Let someone have messed up those numbers. Let it be only 5 that don't arrive.

Later that day, Sam called. "Adi, we have 33 windows. Only 8 didn't arrive!"

It wasn't exact in number, but it sure was a flip to what was expected. Early this week the last of our windows arrived. But when would Sam have time to put them in?

Well yesterday morning, on social media, I posted this desire I had to be able to find time to have lunch with my daughter. She had asked again on Thursday to start our lunch dates up again. My schedule is packed for the next three weeks with appointments and attempts to get my podcast going and a weird work schedule due to days off and district asks.

I hiked in the fog yesterday morning. Hoping to gain clarity.

What do I need to let go of? And I prayed that prayer. Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.

As I pulled into my women's ministry meeting at church, I had a message from the beautiful soul I was planning to interview later in the afternoon. She needed to reschedule. I didn't feel disappointment because I had this reassurance that she and I would connect in just the right timing for our interview. I appreciated her desire to feel well for our conversation, and to take care of herself first.

I also realized that our interview fell at the exact time of my daughter's lunch which is actually a late time. So, I called Sam and told him that I was going to surprise Nella for lunch and that I would then pick up the girls so he could do whatever he needed.

Nella's face lit with joy as she met me at the door to the school. We ate Taco Bell in the front seats of the van.

We chatted about the day.

We balance beamed around the snowy playground and laughed as I slipped off the icy slope. I followed in her footsteps and felt all the gratitude that when I surrendered to Jesus, He built my schedule just the way it needed to be for the day.

When I called Sam later, he was putting in windows.

As of last night, all of those 38 windows (except one due to a contractor ask) is in the house.

Let there be light.

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Regina McIntosh
Regina McIntosh

Wow. You're a great writer. I enjoyed reading this so much! I'm a member of Compel training and look forward to being a part of your writing life. God bless you and I'm glad Jesus worked it all out for you.!

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