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Living into the Season You are In

A few months ago two incredible mentors of mine just happened to be driving through Grand Junction on their way home from a road trip. They asked if I could meet up for lunch, and of course I jumped at the opportunity.

Both women are a decade ahead of me in motherhood and a decade ahead of me in movement for change in the adoption community and advocacy. Both women listened encouragingly as I shared some of the hopes and next steps I saw for myself. All three of us understand profoundly what it means to have a trauma informed life.

Episode 1 Guest: Lori Holden

One of those women, Lori Holden, was my first podcast guest. Lori herself is a podcaster, blogger and author of a book. Her book The Open Hearted Way to Open Adoption has greatly influenced our journey as adoptive parents. Mindfulness and willingness to parent openly are important practices that Lori helps delineate through her openness matrix. You can see a super cool visual of that matrix by visiting Amara's website: Amara's Adoption Openness Assessment . This is a project Lori worked on with Angela Tucker, Katy Byron and Kara Anderson.

Lori has been an integral mentor in helping me grow as a communicator. She's given her time to discuss the publishing of her book, the process she uses as a podcaster and a spot on her blog for my first guest post ever. You can read that post here on Lori's blog, How To Be a Therapeutic Parent and Make Your Home a Therapeutic Home

On episode two of 8000 Promises, Lori shares about her newest release, a book she coauthored with her sister called Standing Room Only, How to be That Yoga Teacher.

She then goes back in time to take us through the learning from life that has led her to this new season of life in which she has time and space to pursue her creative works. We talked about having a both/and heartset, a principle foundational to the yoga practice and foundational to holding space for all of the emotions for ourselves in our healing journeys and our children.

I hope you'll take the time to listen and enjoy the interview. I continue to learn from Lori every time we talk, and I know she'll impact your life too.

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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2022

What a fantastic road trip that was, and how lucky are we that we got to snag you for a few hours!?

I'm so pleased to be collaborating with you in this sacred space of knowing ourselves so we can show up fully for those around us. Thank you for this opportunity, and I can't wait to listen!

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