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Little Yeses Go a Long Way with Ondi Mejia

My episode with Ondi goes live in about 9 minutes. By the time I finish writing, I'll be able to embed the links into this post so you can just click right on there and go listen! I met Ondi through the Lysa Terkerst Boot Camp. For over a year now, she and I and a friend from Canada have met in the early morning (4:30am for Ondi!) to give feedback and encouragement to each other in our writing pursuits. Ondi and I have ended up in a few Zoom meets just the two of us and I have so very much appreciated her very real heart and love for others. When we ask someone to help with a project, Ondi is on it, and she makes each of us stronger and better writers.

In this episode, Ondi and I chat about writing a book and saying yes to the small things and watching how they add up to make much bigger yeses for God. We also chat about how the church and the people that make up God’s church have a distinct call to love others and point them to Jesus.

Afterall, it's not our job to fix or to cover up the hard parts. It is our job to love.

Ondi’s prepandemic blog post, ”Caring for those with Mental Illness: Just Love,” and her experience walking through crisis with the survivors of the Campfire in Paradise California, led us to a discussion of how the church can become a more trauma informed church. Hop on the pod and listen in as we wrestle with how to love others well. Then put to use Ondi's practical tips for how to look for and act on the little yeses in both your passionate pursuits and in loving others well.

From her Blog:

Ondi Mejia is the writer behind the blog Abide and Write. Ondi aims to write about what I’m learning from abiding in Christ. As a stay-at-home Mom, recently licensed Foursquare pastor, former high school teacher, and former collegiate runner, Ondi is real about her struggle to connect her secular life with her spiritual one. The more she abides in Christ, the more she realizes she only has one life. Ondi hopes that her writing reminds you of this fact, and helps you to knit together your spiritual life with every single thing you do each day, and everything you strive to achieve with your life.Ondi is a wife of 12 years to an amazing, godly husband, a mother of three lovely children, and a pastor’s kid! She loves to run, drink coffee, and eat all the French fries and desserts.

You can find Ondi at her website, on Instagram at Abideandwrite or on Facebook at @abideandwrite

Go give her a follow and enjoy the show! Click on the image to go to Spotify - also available on Apple Podcasts.

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