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KEEP LISTENING... and write

About two months ago, I started to sense God asking me to slow "it" down, to stop putting so much emphasis on writing or not writing - which really at that time was on social media posting and stressing over the fact I hadn't written any more for my book. Though social media posts are fairly fun to create, they also created in me a wondering of am I seen, enough, doing what I need most to be doing. So as God's message continued to press - mostly through a lack of words ready to pour out and a sense that I was supposed to be quiet and LISTEN - I've spent the last six weeks or so putting very little into the public world and most of my time and energy into the world that makes up my house.

I told my friend Nancy about a week ago, that I wanted to do this "40 days left in 40" countdown to prepare for my 8000 Promises Podcast launch on January 29. (I turn 41 on January 30!!!) I said, that's what I wanted, but I still wasn't sure because I felt like God was still asking me to be quiet, to listen and to leave the writing alone. Nancy was so encouraging - giving me Matthew 6:34 "Don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring it's own worries." Don't worry about tomorrow until tomorrow is today. What truth in that I realized. And how much I'll miss in the beauty of today if I wait in wonder for what might happen tomorrow or I fixate on history, perplexed by the past.

So, I've been trying (the best my planning ahead 7 can) to focus on the day I'm in. Last night, before bed I read Sarah Young's Jesus Calling - as I have each night of the last few weeks.

"Let your life become a praise song to Me by proclaiming My glorious Presence in the world." Sarah's words from Jesus sang out to my heart and I wondered, is tomorrow the day?

This morning, in my quiet and still two minute time with Jesus, my brain settled down and I heard "KEEP LISTENING." Several times. I thought - oh darn - guess not. But then I heard.... "and write." Well of course. I can do both. But one is more important than the other. And maybe I thought I was listening, but I still have a lot of learning to do there, and I definitely have much to learn about resting and I've had some practice there too in obeying God's voice to stop.

When I opened my Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day devotional (of which I've been going through a second time), the story was of Moses. And God saying, "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still." And like a shock to my heart I thought - No Way! But of course - yes way - of course God will speak again to the exact words He gave in my quiet time. The devotional went on to encourage us to be still AND move on - it's so easy to get caught, get stuck in the past and though it is important - so very important to work through our past it is important as well to keep moving forward into today.

LISTEN and write

BE STILL and move on

So I'm setting a timer. To listen. I'm setting a timer. To write. I want to write what I hear. And to share it with you. I will LISTEN. I will write. All to the glory of God's presence. The greatest present of the season. And when the timer ends, I'll wrap up this work for the moment and I'll focus again on the precious people placed in my home - the people on whom my life is the greatest influence. My darling daughters. My husband.

Who are those people for you? How can you BE STILL today and move on?

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