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Busting Into and Busting Beyond with Heather O'Brien

It's September, and time for another episode of 8000 Promises Podcast! It'll air on Friday this week because Olivia and Walt are getting married on Saturday and well - I'd just like to be present and focus on them that's what I'll do!

My guest on episode 10 is my friend and fellow podcaster, Heather O’Brien. Heather O'Brien is a wife and mother, biker and poet, educator and strong believer in the American ideal. Her current passion is bringing people of different beliefs and philosophies together to engage in discourse and dialogue. Heather’s podcast is called U.S. or Bust and can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Earlier this year, Heather and I found ourselves reveling in the newness of trying podcasting. At some point we agreed - wouldn’t it be fun to sit down for one conversation to be used for two podcasts. You can listen to her Episode Unboxable here - with some added segments I love like her segment on literature that emboldens the conversation.

I knew going into this interview that Heather is not a Christian. In fact, one of our most interesting conversations before the podcast, gets revisited in more depth here - in which she told me that though she is not a Christian she credits Christianity with saving her life. We also talk about feminism and judgement and the Christian call to love. And by they way - all of this conversation happened just after an early summer mountain bike ride in which Heather schooled me both up and down a mountain! What a fun day.

If you're ready to think about how to have authentic conversations with people who might not think exactly like you do, this episode is for you. Whether you’re a mom, an educator, a pastor, a person wrestling with faith or the person ready to hear a Christian and non-Christian talk about Jesus with no agenda but love and developing understanding of one another’s perspective, get ready to think! Dare to be okay with the possibility of discomfort - while you embrace a different perspective during this episode of 8000 Promises.

Thanks for being here.

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