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Bouncy Brain... Anyone with me? (Day 31)

So. I'm a 7 on the Enneagram. Now, if you know about the enneagram you know that your number is NOT supposed to be used as an excuse for behavior. The Enneagram is a tool that can help you grow as a person and in your spiritual relationship with God. Today, my 7 feels like an excuse and I'm trying to use it as a tool! Any 7s out there further ahead on this "growing up" journey feel free to comment your advice in the comments.

Let me tell you about trying to be STILL and SILENT. You know that verse -

Be still and know that I am God.

Yeah. It's VERY hard for me to be still.

I'm bouncy.

Like the MINUTE I wake up my brain is


Brain: OOOOOOO you're up! Goodie good good good. (I think my brain sounds a little like Piggy from Piggy and Gerald first thing in the morning - or maybe the Pigeon. You know the one who wants to drive the bus? - Mo Willem characters are my brain... hmmm.)

And I'm up. I had a friend recently make a ridiculous suggestion that I should go back to bed when our early morning meeting was cancelled. Go back to bed? What does that even mean? I'm not sick. 5am - I'm up sister.

So anyway. Back to my bouncy brain and this call to be still.

Three spiritual practices I'm learning about are silence, stillness and solitude. Apparently being silent is on the top of the list for my thinking brain. Makes sense when I literally feel like I'm in a fight with Tigger in order to get a quiet moment in my head. This morning, I set my timer... 2min. Silence and stillness with God.

Me: Good morning God. Here I am. Come Holy Spirit.

(Deep centering breath)

Brain: Hello. What are we going to do today? Chicken noodle soup... carrots, celery.. should I make stock or....

Me: NO! Here I am God. Come Holy Spirit.

(Deep centering breath)

Brain: What's up with the mask mandate being shifted? I hate Covid? How am I going to...

Me: NO! Here I am God. Come Holy Spirit.

(Deep centering breath)

Brain: "Ooo you know I love it when you do it like that, hmmm your love gives me the shivers..." (I don't even know all the words?!!!)

Me: .... restart the timer...

I think you get the picture. I set my timer three times before I felt like maybe I had at least a minute of silence (30seconds?!) this morning. The words I heard:



God made me bouncy - God LOVES my joyful noises and wild monkey jungle thought lines. God's going to use my bouncy brain for good works and His glory. God also wants me to get quiet and spend time in slow connection with Him. I'm trying to learn. It makes life more rich. Any tips you have to offer?

My Piggy/Pigeon/Tigger brain is open for the learning.

Being a 7 does make me a pretty fun mom though. I like to play.

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