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An Advent Episode with TBRI Practitioner, Greg Lombard Rea

"God shows up for me and the rest of humanity. I see in Jesus, God meeting people's deepest need for trusting connection and for trusting that our bodies are safe. And then once Jesus provides that emotional and physical felt safety; then he teaches."

- Greg Lombard Rea, Adoptive Dad and Post Adoption Support Specialist, SO1 E13

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Welcome friend to the final episode of 2022 and season 1 of the 8000 Promises Podcast. You are in for an advent treat today. In a late decision to have an episode tied to the advent season, I invited my friend Greg Lombard Rea to come and share some of his wisdom and insight around the intersection of TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) and the Gospel. For those of you who may not be familiar with the Advent tradition it is part of the Christian liturgical calendar in which Christians meditate in the wait for the coming of Jesus. Greg is a TBRI practitioner and former pastor, and I attended a webinar he hosted called How Jesus would Parent. His message is one that I have also found through my experience in my walk with Jesus and in my learning about trauma and the strategies utilized in TBRI.

In this episode of 8000 Promises Greg shares his journey to becoming a father by adoption almost two decades after his parenting start with biological children, his journey to discovering TBRI and a shift in his professional calling, his journey with grief and loss and parenting through his wife’s death and how TBRI became a great tool for him through all of these seasons of life as he learned to TBRI himself. This episode is not just for adoptive parents. It’s for any parent ready to do the work of integrating their past so they can be more available to the people in their present, it’s for the adult child who needs to know that parents are doing their work to be healthy, it’s for the widow or the widower who hopes to keep the legacy of the one they lost alive and most of all, it’s for the people who want to see how Jesus can come to life in the way we live our lives.

Greg is an adoptive dad since 2008, a post adoption support specialist who has worked with children, teens and young adults. Greg has parented with another and Greg has parented solo in between he has parented with illness in the family. Before becoming a TBRI practitioner Greg served over 40 years as a pastor. He plays guitar for fun, is a 4 on the Enneagram and he is actively doing work to continue to integrate his story and care for his nervous system. I’m so thrilled to share this conversation with Greg Lombard Rea.

You can find more about Greg at his website and on Facebook at Gregory Lombard Rea or Adoption Friend at on Instragram AdoptionFriend.

Be on the lookout for Season 2 of the 8000 Promises Podcast where we will open our hearts to learning about and leaning into Saying YES! to God’s Promise for Relationship. Episode 1 Airs in January!

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May great things happen for you today.

Additional Resources Mentioned throughout Episode 13

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