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A Farmer's Daughter's Christmas Photo Essay

Merry Christmas from this farmer's daughter. It's been along time since I woke up on Christmas Day at the farm. What a wonderful time with my parents and the beauty they know so well to create. Winter is my favorite time at the farm because my parents slow down and will join us for time at the table. Enjoy the photo essay of our Christmas holiday below.

(P.S. If I was awesome, I would have these in order of events, but because I CAN'T figure out out to move the pictures - sorry for my inability to figure out anything in a timely manner - they are just in random order from Dec. 23-25)

The tree my mom picked and my dad hauled down the mountain.

Christmas morning cinnamon roll roll out...


Christmas Eve rain turned into snow and a whole lot of afternoon fun outside.

Does it look like Sam and I were woken up at 4am? We were... we did keep everyone in bed until 5:45 - but we thought it was 6 - the timer went off wrong...

First cinnamon rolls...

Beauty around every corner

Lainey stole the shark....

Christmas morning breakfast!

Photo taken as a courtesy for my sister Alicia who noted that all Christmas breakfast prep was being done by my parents. I needed to show her that I was doing something... crockpot dinner - thank you very much.

The snow dragon/lizard with a saddle. I refused to allow it to be a snake.


This is just the cutest gift wrapping I received this year - probably ever. I saved it.

Christmas eve.

So happy. A new game for the switch. She played A LOT.

Dad's eggs with veggies...

Tracking Santa...

Naughty list? The dog couldn't resist the open set of balls he just knew had to be for him...

Best pic of an almost catch - reunited girl and dog.

This looks fake. It isn't.

They are so cute.


Reunited after a night apart.

Snow catch.

Christmas Even morning. As my dad sang of Colorado Christmas I looked outside to see the change from rain to snow.

Wearing dad's snow pants... apparently she needs a pair.


So much fun. (Until mom got her eyeball cut out by an ice ball... but we didn't take pictures of that part)

The flour was SOOOOO soft.

If only it could be this good all the time...

Soooo soft....

Adoration. Student. Teacher. (Sam called my mom a badass when I was describing this scene to him - like how much I hope she can see the adoration from my kids to her- and he said - "yeah, they think your mom is a real badass!"

She is.

Helping Grandpa make french toast on Christmas Eve. We ate well!

Mia takes some photos.

Books. Warmth. Beauty.

Gotta try the snow. It was decidedly delicious yet again this year.

Black Lives Matter. From my mom to you.

Cooling the mixture so we don't cook the eggs.

Every morning and every evening. My dad will play. Scroll down for the video.

My parents table. One of my favorite places in the WHOLE world.

Mia takes a selfie. Making frosting.

Asia's stocking and shoes.

Nella's baby shoes...

Grandma Yo's Santa's.

Then Ian and Britty joined the fun on Christmas Day.

My love.


Merry Christmas ChewNShow.

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1 Comment

Dec 28, 2021

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! ❤

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