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Pray & Play

Oct. 3, 2021: Hiking at No Thoroughfare Canyon

ADI TILFORD is delighted to be part of this new event!

Pray and Play is an opportunity to get together with other women to pray, connect, and build relationships. We need positive relationships to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Pray and play gives you permission to build relationships and take care of yourself in a fun, adventurous way

First Presbyterian Church, Grand Junction

+ online



January 29, 2022

Learn It, Live It and Share It

Adi Tilford will be inviting guests to share their experiences of learning something profound in life, how they have succeeded and failed at living out their learning and ultimately how they hope to share that learning as a way to illuminate our world.

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Adoption: The Long View

Spring 2022 Interview

Join Adi and Lori Holden for this conversation about the long view of adoption.

Adoption: The Long View podcast

Image by Austin Lowman
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