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Saying Yes! to Relationship that rescues and woos, that redeems and restores with Stacey Lyons LPCC

"Sometimes we pray for something for years before we are actually READY to receive the gift of what we are praying for." ~ Adi Tilford, Most Important Points from S2 E17

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Now to the pod... the reason you are here!

Episodes 16 and 17 are the same interview with my friend Stacey Lyons, school counselor, LPCC and survivor of domestic violence.

Thank you to Stacey for sharing her story of redemption and restoration. Everytime we get to hear how God walks with one of our friends, we get a glimpse into how the Kingdom is right here and right now.

Content warning

I want to provide a content warning for this episode. My guest Stacey Lyons and I are going to talk about living in domestic violence and the difficulty in leaving that relationship. We also discuss a little bit the harm that can come from church messages that push a punishing God.

In her late teens and early twenties, Stacey found herself suddenly trapped in a relationship that she had never expected. Wondering if she was being punished by God, a prayer in a grocery store parking lot unlocked a new way of experiencing her relationship with God when a random person replied to her silent plea to God - “Jesus loves you.”

In this first part of our interview, Stacey and I talk about the power of prayer and finding out we are loved by a God who rescues and woos. This is only the beginning of a life-long love story. Be sure to listen again on March 13 to hear the rest of Stacey’s story… well at least up to where she’s at now. God isn’t finished yet!

Part 2 of my interview with my friend and LPCC Stacey Lyons includes the end of . Although there is a reference at the beginning to the relationship that Stacey left due to domestic violence, the conversation in this episode moves from the what happened to the how God redeemed and restored my sweet friends story. The story we finish from the first episode does include a mention of gun violence, so please take care of yourself as needed with regard to this content.

In this episode, Stacey shares how her life-long love story with God helped her say Yes to her the next greatest love story of her life with John, her husband

of 25 years. Join us as we talk forgiveness, being ready for new relationship after the painful rupture of an unhealthy relationship, redemption and the invitation to walk alongside people with similar stories to our own as they recover and heal.

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Resources and Songs Mentioned in Episode 16

May great things happen for you today.

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